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Amarcord 70s
The Decade that shaped us

We report on these pages the posts (more or less as published) that appeared on FaceBook from 29 July to 22 August 2020 published by Carmine Manfredi as a memory of the 70s.

It seemed right to us to host these memories on our site for two particular reasons:

  1. The years from 1970 to 1982 not only constituted the decade that saw a rebirth of Moschiano but also the decade that, as a consequence of this rebirth, led to the birth of our association. Remembering the events and initiatives implemented, the names of the protagonists and preserving their memory seems right to us.

  2. Although the following pages with attached photos have been published on FaceBook we want to host them here to give them a permanent residence. This is, among other things, the purpose of this website. So many people post at a constant and often obsessive pace, we dare say all sorts of things on FaceBook. Commendable initiatives that however have their downside: they last a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. Who remembers them anymore or can find them after a month, a year or more years? One of the objectives of the Pro Loco website is to give a home, permanent if possible, to all this information, photos and memories for future generations.

Happy reading then and may the memory of the past be a stimulus for a better future for everyone in the sign of unity, harmony, doing for the good of Moschiano and Vallo.

We remind you that (almost) all the photos you will find on these pages can also be seen together with others in our photo gallery from the 70s (click here)


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