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Amarcord 70s
The Decade that shaped us

(Published 16 August 2020)

In '77 Moschiano was unrecognizable but for a good cause. Via D'Avidaia (what it was called then) was completely gutted from the "Rione Croce" to Capomoschiano. Finally the long-awaited sewerage was being done. One of the many works that the administration of the time wanted.

I remember that when digging down at the Rione Croce in the stretch between the curve of Via Pistiello and Dr. Volino's house, graves with bones were found. I'm not sure how old they were and what they decided to do. I think the bones were eventually taken to the Cemetery and the matter was closed there. It's a shame because they would perhaps have been another testimony to our past, but I believe that the long bureaucratic delays and the need to complete the work on time and within the allocated budget denied this opportunity.

Meanwhile in the parish the initiatives continued.  The Hall at the Carita' was ready for the pilgrims but there wasn't even a chair.  I don't know how but Don Salvatore, perhaps on the "tip" of his brother-in-law Dr. Spizuoco, managed to find some furniture from a bar or perhaps a restaurant in Marigliano that had been closed. Besides the piano bar there were chairs, tables and other furniture all in the shape of a barrel. I don't know if any money was paid. Perhaps. I only know that one day with the help I believe of Pio Addeo. or his brother Lelio who drove their truck, we went to Marigliano to load it. It weighed a lot and we made a huge effort. I don't remember exactly who was in that group of friends. Maybe as usually Lino, Sergio, Enzo, Salvatore, Pasquale, Felice, Peppino, Vincenzo, etc.. Maybe also Sabatino Pacia (aka “Patino”). However, I remember perfectly that there was Sebastiano Rubinaccio (aka Nanuccio) who with his strength played the lion's share. Around midday, being hungry, Nanuccio went to a delicatessen and bought some mozzarella and began to bite into them voraciously, covering himself in the milk that dripped from them. In some drawers we also found some magazines that were not exactly... of a religious nature...;-). Needless to say, after a few furtive peeks Don Salvatore realized what we were looking at and made us throw them away. We took the whole load to the Sanctuary and finally the hall had its furniture. Some of that furniture is still there today.

On Monday in Albis Radio Onda Verde was the destination of many visitors and we broadcast the Holy Mass live from the Sanctuary. A first fruit. Unfortunately, the following week we had the sad "surprise" of the theft of all the radio equipment that we had so laboriously put together. They took everything: transmitter, microphones, mixer, turntables. Perhaps they used Monday in Albis as an inspection for the theft.  It was devastating for all of us young people, especially those who perhaps a little naively wanted to do something new. Our adventure with the radio ended there. Someone told us that perhaps by paying a "ransom" we could get the material back. Nothing happened. Those were the years of continuous thefts from the various churches in the valley. Moschiano and the Sanctuary were not spared. Several paintings and marble altars disappeared from all the churches of Moschiano and from the Sanctuary. I still remember when we went up to the Sanctuary with the Carabinieri commanded by Brigadier Quaranta who lived in Capomoschiano at the time. How sad. I don't remember if it happened in the same year, but one day they also stole the sleeping bags and tents as well as some musical instruments from the room next to the sacristy in the main church in Moschiano..

If I remember correctly, that year there was no (and rightly so) the Torch of Faith. How could we celebrate our Faith if our Churches were continually desecrated? We all needed to examine our consciences.

Meanwhile, our playful adventure continued as guests of the "Pensione Manfredi" of dear Don Mario Manfredi and of Mrs  Margherita wisely located on Via della Sapienza in Naples.  (see photo) – I won't tell you the title we gave to the photo (fruit of the mind of Dr. Lucio or Dr. Angelo) but I believe that my dear friends Dr. Angelo, Dr. Lucio, Dr. Michele and Dr. Gianni remember it.


1977 Bar Salone

1977 Bar Salone

1977 pensione Manfredi

1977 pensione Manfredi

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