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Two marble plaques placed on the external wall of the church of Corpo Cristo constitute the monument to the fallen of Moschiano during the First and Second World Wars. The one for the first war of 1921 has a bronze relief on the top with an allegory of victory depicting a Victory between two infantrymen with two torches decorating the corners of the plaque. The one for the Second World War was placed in 1961 and is surmounted at the top by a bronze star with two vertical facies on the sides made up of laurel and oak leaves, also in bronze. At the foot of both bronze flower vases. Both expressions of the historical period in which they were created, they list the names of the fallen. The one for the First World War was the work of professor Carmine Pacia, a man of letters, veteran and decorated of that war. The one for the Second World War was conceived by Prof Pasquale Moschiano, a man of letters and author of several historical essays on Moschiano and the Vallo di Lauro. For registration please refer to the photo. Cataloged by the cultural heritage inv # 1500817131. To find out more details on the fallen and decorated of Moschiano in the First World War seeSoldiers of Italy - Research and documentation on the fallen and decorated of Moschiano in World War I

Marble headstones World Wars

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  • Municipality of Moschiano

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