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Pieces of a fountain rebuilt and relocated in 2015. The original fountain was part of a public aqueduct rebuilt in 1866 by Domenico Dalia, councilor of the Court of Cassation, resting on a fountain and wash house dating back to before 1600 already existing in the place called "delle Fontane" . The 1961 photo shows it as it was before it was demolished. It appears in a stylized form in the official coat of arms of the Municipality of Moschiano adopted in the 1970s. For further information on the fountain seeP. Moschiano - The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Carita' - Anselmi Typography Institute - 1972 pages 22-24  

For more information on Domenico Dalia clickhere

* Note - When reconstructing one of the inscriptions the date was engraved incorrectly. You should read MDCCCLXXIII and not MDCLXXIII

Stone fountain (restored and relocated)

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  • Municipality of Moschiano

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