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Statue probably dating back to the end of the 18th century, it depicts the Saint according to traditional iconography: a young man with the palm of martyrdom and a dog at his feet. Recently restored, it has been cataloged by the cultural heritage Inv # 1500047458. The comparison between the photos of the statue taken by the cultural heritage in 1983 and the one after the restoration shows some significant differences: 1) The saint's halo is not that of 1983 but rather ' the one that was once at the head of San Gaetano. 2) Even the cross and palm that the Saint is holding are not the pre-restoration ones. 3) The book was repainted not following the original drawing 4) The relic that the Saint had around his neck in 1983 has disappeared 5) the collar of the dog present in 1983 has also disappeared.

Statue of Saint Vitus

SKU: 2300114
  • Parish of Maria SS della Carita'

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