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Door church Sanctuary Maria SS della Carita'. Built in 1909 by Domenico and Alberigo Dalia artisans from Moschiano based on the design and direction of Corrado Mastropasqua from Nola.  The door is divided into two large panels depicting scenes in relief. One commemorates the apparition of the Madonna to the shepherdess and the other represents a procession of people and clergy towards the Sanctuary. Over the years the door has been repainted and/or restored several times. The last restoration dates back to 2023. Part of the back of the door with the artists' names still engraved and part of the frames on the front with the construction date engraved were removed and preserved during the 1991 restoration by Nicola Moschiano commissioned by Vittorio Dalia. They are still visible today in the Pilgrim Hall next to the Sanctuary and are also awaiting restoration.

Door Church Sanctuary

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  • Parish of Maria SS della Carita.

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