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Also known as the Church of the Rosary, it certainly existed in the mid-1500s but most likely has more remote origins dating back to the 12th-13th century and was then known as the "church of Santa Maria". For centuries it constituted the second parish of Moschiano. The church suffered very serious damage from the 1980 earthquake which forced, among other things, the removal of the painting on an artesia panel which was placed on its facade and now preserved in the sacristy. The few relics that were saved from the small church of San Michele which stood a few kilometers away to the east and which depended on it were also transported to this church. This rural church  and the annexed inhabited area were seriously damaged by the same earthquake  and completely demolished a few years later. Among the objects transported there was a statue of San Michele from 1700, some majolica (now missing) and some other relics. Inside you can also admire the 17th century statues of Saint Anne and the wooden pulpit by local artist Gaspare Dalia.

Church of the Incoronata

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  • Diocese of Nola

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