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Who doesn't remember Giorgio Gaber's song "La Liberta'"?  If you want to listen to it again via Youtube, click on the link on the side.

But the thing we would like to draw your attention to are the words of the song's chorus:

"Freedom is not being up a tree
It's not even the flight of a fly
Freedom is not a free space
Freedom is participation"

Here is the Pro Loco Michele Caputo is a convinced supporter of this principle: Freedom and Participation.

It is therefore no coincidence that Participation together with Volunteering are key words and pillars of our mission. 

In a country like ours the two things have been going on for centuries and still go hand in hand.  The limited number of inhabitants means that the same people are often associated with different groups with different goals and objectives. This is both desirable and a good thing. But be careful though: participation and volunteering, to be true, to bear fruit, must come from within and be free from any personal, political or partisan interest.

Participation and volunteering do not mean creating groups that are in opposition and often in conflict with each other, but groups capable of complementing each other.

And all done without waiting for any reward.

It is from this perspective that the Pro Loco is proud and honored to offer a space on this site to all those groups from Moschiano who wish it and who want not only to make their initiatives known but also to preserve and document their work and works. that they do.

As a Person (Jesus) who knew a little more than us about participation and volunteering said:

"Knock and it will be opened to you."

Note: Pro Loco Michele Caputo reserves the right to refuse at its complete discretion any request that is not in line with its mission, ideals, rules and statute. The Pro Loco may also refuse at its discretion to insert photos, comments, links and anything else on pages already created and approved that may be biased, offensive or illegal.  The hosted associations and groups will not have the privilege of editing the pages presented. This will only happen via the webmaster of the site authorized by Pro Loco

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