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Sure of making a gift that will be appreciated by all and of offering a place where the history of Moschiano and the Sanctuary can be easily traced and consulted, with the permission of the Parish Priest of the Maria SS della Carita' Parish and rector of the Sanctuary we publish the full version of the book on Moschiano and the Sanctuary of Charity that Prof. Pasquale Moschiano wrote in 1972 at the invitation of the then parish priest Don Salvatore Pierro.

We warmly thank the parish priest Don Vito Cucca for giving us this opportunity.

For practical reasons the book is published in two separate parts and in PDF format.

Click on the PDF icon to open and read the book'

Pasquale Moschiano 

The Sanctuary of Charity

Part one

Pasquale Moschiano 

The Sanctuary of Charity

Second part

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