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Born in Moschiano on 2 December 1909.

Son of Avv. Gaetano Caputo, Magistrate and Donna Olimpia Aschettino

Also a man of law and jurist, he was a person of sound convictions and enormous faith and great culture.

A person of very good and helpful character, he did not barricade himself behind his social status but rather always sought relationships with the most humble people.

His evenings spent at the café outside his house with his fellow villagers were famous and sought after, amidst cheerful discussions, cultural initiatives and social works.

Lover of poetry and art, he often organized cultural events, aware that culture was fundamental to the progress of Moschiano and the world.

His ideas and beliefs often went against the grain and did not align with the trend of the time in which he lived to the point of attracting the ire of his family members and in particular of his uncle, mayor of the town.

His life was an example of wisdom, courage, honesty and dedication.

He died ​ on August 23, 1944

Michele Caputo



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