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In Moschiano faith is synonymous with Madonna della Carita'. Try to go to any house in Moschiano or Moschianesi in the world and at the entrance, in the living room or bedroom you will surely find a painting with the image of the Madonna della Carita'. The Pro Loco as an expression of Moschiano and at the service of the people of Moschiano cannot fail to have Faith as a pillar of its mission also because in Moschiano (as perhaps in the entire valley) faith, culture, tradition, participation are virtues that they intertwine and overlap in the intimate and daily life of every person.

Faith as a mission of the Pro Loco therefore translates into the active participation and cooperation of its members in all the initiatives undertaken by the ecclesiastical authorities, the parish priest first and foremost, such as the various religious festivals, processions and other events.

In the Ecumenical spirit, however, it is not isolated and limited to the Catholic and Christian Faith alone but extends to all other Religions and in mutual respect for its own social, civil and religious entities and values and integration of its own cultures and customs the universal message: “Every man is my brother”.


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Our Lady of Charity

in centuries

New wooden statue

Our Lady of Charity

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