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Letter from the President
on the occasion of the launch of the Website

Dear friends,

of Moschiano, but not only, and wherever you are in the world.

First of all, we want to hope that all of you are continuing to face this moment of prolonged difficulty in the best way and with the right spirit.

We know it's not easy, but united, with everyone's good will and trusting in our Madonna of Charity who watches and guides us from above, we will make it.


As you may know, last year Pro Loco Michele Caputo turned 40. Unfortunately, circumstances did not allow us to remember and celebrate this anniversary as we would have liked and should have, but this did not mean we wanted to let it go unnoticed.

On April 30, 1980, a group of our friends met at the office of Notary M.G. Tranfaglia in Lauro to sign the formal act of the establishment of our Pro Loco.

It came at the end of a decade which had seen at the same time many difficulties for Moschiano and Italy but also the rebirth of Moschiano from a social, economic and cultural point of view.

It was the materialization of an idea of progress, unity and cooperation between people of different ages, social classes, political ideas and marital status, all done for the good of Moschiano, the people of Moschiano and the Vallo di Lauro.

By putting aside their selfishness, pride, envy, useless bickering, and aware that by respecting diversity of opinions, self-sacrifice in putting themselves at the service of others, working together for a common cause and deep commitment on the part of all, the degree of culture and civilization of a people, they did not hesitate to expose themselves personally and work with dedication for the implementation of these ideals.

It is no coincidence that our Pro Loco was named after Michele Caputo who was precisely one of the Moschianese who perhaps more than anyone else pointed out, with his example, the path to follow to achieve these ideals.

Since then many things have changed.

Some of those friends have unfortunately left us, but their idea and their hope continues to live in all of us.

In the spirit that pushed those people to unite to try to do something useful for Moschiano, today we want to continue with this work.

Aware that the current situation is not the best to ensure that we can propose initiatives that require physical contact, we have decided to propose some that at the same time can be completed in a "virtual" way and involve as many people as possible. possible, members and non-members of the Pro Loco and also belonging to other civil, social, cultural and religious associations and in particular people who identify with the ideals mentioned above.

In this spirit, in recent months, thanks to the idea and collaboration of some friends who recognized themselves and recognize themselves in these ideals, we worked on the creation of a website for our Organization, Moschiano and Vallo.


Even if not complete (and in our intentions it can never be defined as completely "finished") in it you will find our story and that of Moschiano narrated, our territory described, our mission defined and our and other initiatives listed. All correlated with recent and past photos.

This site was created in a spirit of unity and collaboration and is not conceived as a static goal. Rather, it aims to be a constantly evolving medium, to be completed in some of its parts, but which in the future continues to be updated and be a focal point for everyone to achieve the above ideals.


We thank, above all, Carmine Manfredi, for his precious help. He had a big hand in creating the site. As always, even from afar, he never makes us miss him, indeed every day he helps and encourages the cultural growth of our community through various social initiatives and more. For this reason we are deeply grateful to him for the work he has done.


As you can see on the site, some future initiatives are already listed that we would like to propose to you in the coming months. But to do this we will need everyone's collaboration and participation. Without distinction.

We warmly invite you to explore it even if, for now, it is only possible to consult it correctly via computer or tablet. In the future we hope to optimize it for consultation via mobile phones.


To have a 360-degree view of its different facets, of the work done and that remains to be done and of its breadth, we invite you to look at the site map. There you will find a guide to the various sections and you will be able to appreciate even more the breadth of information that the site makes available.

As mentioned, some pages are still under construction and others will be added.


We would be grateful to those who would like to provide us with ideas and material (photos, articles, etc.) or help us with their memories and why not their literary and creative contribution to complete and update them or provide ideas to create new ones.

There is certainly no shortage of ideas for future initiatives.


We also invite other groups and associations without distinction to join us in this work.

In this regard, we make available, if they wish, the use of some pages dedicated to their initiatives.

Just contact us.

Comments and criticisms are always appreciated as long as they are constructive. In fact we invite you to do them because only in this way can we improve.

However, let this be the first step, always united, for a better future for all of us and for Moschiano.


Thank you


The President

Cherubina Cava

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