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/List of people who contributed to this website

The following people have contributed images, information, suggestions and more to the creation, maintenance and improvement of this website.

Pro Loco Michele Caputo thanks everyone heartily.

Carmelina Dalia

Olindo Dalia

Giovanni Di Gennaro

Cuozzo family

Federico Russo

Viola Santaniello

Carmine Russo

Michele Ruggiero

Carmine Manfredi

Carmine Vona

Raffaele Aschettino

Giovanni Buonaiuto

Louise Siniscalchi Vermandois

Moschiano Patronal Festival Committees 2001-2021

Agnese Angieri

Alfonso Squitieri

Sabatino Moschiano

Agnese Siniscalchi

Alessandro Aschettino

Maria Carmela LaCapra

Carmine Manfredi was Gilberto

Severino Sanbulls

Information on this website has been reported and/or derived based on the various memories of people interviewed and/or from books and writings consulted. We apologize if we made any mistakes or omitted anything.

We report a partial list of books and other sources used. 

We thank the authors and all those who allowed us to use them.

Scipione Antonio Pacia (S.A.P.)

Our Lady of Charity - Historical Legend

Pe' Tipi by Savatore Marchese - Naples - 1886

Pasquale Moschiano

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Carita' -

Anselmi Institute Printing School - Marigliano - 1972

Pasquale Moschiano

The Sacred Mountains of Vallo di Lauro -

Organized by the Fonte Nova Cultural Association

Vocali Editrice - 2015

Marcello Moscini

Cristina da Bolsena - Cult and Iconography

Agnesotti typolithographic establishment - Viterbo - 1986

Agora' -

By Pro Lauro


Pasquale Buonaiuto Photographic Archive

Don Giuseppe Manfredi Photographic Archive

Moschiano Elementary School

Moschiano Middle School

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